Top 5 Help Desk for Mobile Application

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Any organization depends on customers for their success, and every customer prefers where they feel comfortable. A help desk on your application helps get feedback from clients and answer most of your customer questions. It is straightforward to lose your clients when they don’t get good customer service compared to your competitors. Several help desks can enhance customer service in your mobile application and the features they must have.

Features of a help desk app

Team inbox

This is purposely made to avoid duplication while answering emails, and there it is made such that all the inbox emails are forwarded to one side, and each team member gets to see it.

The knowledge base feature

It is there to help answer the questions that are frequently asked to avoid asking them again. In case it does not have the answer to the question asked, the support community is there to help.

The social support

A mobile application should have a social support feature to make it easier for the organization to receive negative and positive feedback from customers.

Live chat

Some of your customers might prefer their questions answered immediately; therefore, this calls for a live chat section. If the application does not support 24/7 customer care, it will be good to add a chat section where your customers might leave their comments.

Apps integration

Your mobile app should work with your other hardware components so that the customers’ needs be solved quickly and faster.

Top 5 help desk apps

Live Agent

A live agent is available in the chat section in the mobile application that sees what the customer is typing and gives the support team the information before the test is sent. This enables timely replies to texts and emails and the customer fees satisfied. The live agent is suitable for a quick response of text, and also it supports live chats and team inbox features.


It uses SLA policies to organize the channel, and the customer’s priority needs to be resolved. It serves your clients with the expected format, and it is suitable for SLA policies brands and supports, team inbox, live chat, etc.


If you are interested in tracking time for the customers’ ticket resolution or to know the exact time the customers receive help, the happy fox is the best choice. It supports time tracking, and it is suitable for social medial integration, social support, etc.


It mainly supports the self-service feature when the system asks a question gives the customer-related documents that can help answer the question. If the customer did not get the answer from the records, then the support team intervene.


This platform is beneficial to reduce the workflow by saving time to open different pages. It is suitable for small businesses and has been created to provide functional and user-friendly solutions for a business. People use this software to:

  • gain insights about website visitors,
  • generate more leads,
  • increase sales,
  • and streamline internal processes

The 24Stack Help Desk app is entirely free for 1 user, if you want the business plan, it is only $99.00 per month, and it includes an unlimited number of users as well as an unlimited number of their other apps.

In conclusion, when a customer is satisfied, he or she will continue with using your products. The customer support desk is there to help make your mobile application better.