9 Customer Support Apps for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, you should be always striving to optimize your customer support in order to provide the best service to your customers. Apps are becoming more and more common in our daily lives, and the number of people preferring to use an application instead of calling over the phone or visiting a website is growing. 

By using a customer support app, you can not only provide a better and more convenient service but also reduce costs. Read on to find out the best customer support apps for small businesses. 

Zendesk Guide

This app will allow you to create guides or mini-articles that can be uploaded to your website, mobile app, or web widget – wherever your customers are looking for information. It also provides a virtual assistant option you can integrate to provide recommended articles to your customers inquires and solve queries without the need for human interaction. 


A helpdesk app from the new generation that allows you to deal with customer queries that come through emails, websites, phone calls, and social media pages. It converts them into tickets and directs them to your customer service team. 


A cost-effective and practical customer service app that offers great solutions for small businesses. It provides easy-to-use features like time tracking, calls logging, live chat, and email that can be used on all mobile and desktop devices. 

Vision Helpdesk

An online helpdesk app that is especially beneficial for small business owners with more than one business as you can manage multiple companies, products, and services in one portal. Customer representatives can resolve queries in the form of tickets, emails, and self-help. 


With this application, your business can rapidly grow because your customer service team will be able to engage with customers wherever they are. They can collect queries through email, website, social media, or chat, and the best thing is that the app is very easy to use and implement. 


Another great helpdesk that offers a live chat solution so your customers can call or chat directly from the website to your gTalk or Skype accounts. ClickDesk does not require an application or download and offers a free support ticketing software that can efficiently track and respond to emails. 


A great app that can convert incoming requests into tickets and forward them to your customer support representatives. There is a mass reply feature so your customer support can respond to identical tickets, and they can also create predefined messages that answer common inquires.  


A great solution for small businesses that allows you to provide knowledge-based information to your customers. The 24Stack software also provides the opportunity to reach customers directly through tickets. The app is easy to use with a great user interface and provides CRM data.  The business plan costs $99/month and for this price, you can add as many users as you need and install as many apps as you want.


Sparkcentral is a speedy and secure in-app messaging software that allows the customers to query with your customer support representative thanks to a chat interface that is extremely user friendly.