Top 7 CRM Software Tools

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CRM (Customer relationship management) software provides great opportunities for businesses to manage customer support and interactions through reliable processes and systems. With these tools, you can also integrate organizational processes in sales, marketing, and customer service. 

CRM software will optimize all these processes and the best part is that even if you are on a budget and do not want to spend a lot – or any! – you can still find a solution.

Read on to find out the best CRM software tools. 

Flowlu CRM

Cloud-based software for all-sized businesses. You have access to features such as contact management, lead management, invoicing, quoting, project management, and accounting. 

Using Flowlu you can automate functions like marketing, sales, finance, and customer service. 

Apart from the free version, there are paid plans for different needs and teams starting at $29 per month. 


With the freemium plan of Freshsales, you can manage leads, contacts, email marketing, and interaction. There is an unlimited number of contacts and users you can manage, and there is also email and phone support. 

If you are looking into features like SMS integration, pipeline management, workflows, multi-currency supports, and a mobile app – the paid plans offer all this and more, starting at $19. 


A cloud-based tool for small to mid-sized businesses with contact management, live chat, email scheduling, and meeting management included in the free version. It allows contact activity tracking for up to seven days after contacts have been added to your list. 

The CRM of HubSpot is completely free to use but you can purchase other products to manage marketing, sales, and customer service automation. 

Really Simple Systems CRM

A good CRM solution for small businesses that supports up to two users with the free version and offers document management, sales pipeline management, contact management, and reporting. 

With the paid versions you can also have advanced reporting, access control, single sign-in, and marketing automation. 


An open-source solution for all-sized businesses with which you can manage customer interactions across marketing, sales, and customer service teams. 

There are different solutions for small businesses, startups, and enterprises, and since it is open-sourced, it is free to use. 


Well-working CRM tool for both small and medium-sized businesses that provides marketing automation, contact management, sales automation, and customer support features. 

24Stack has an amazing variety of apps including project management, invoicing, sales, recruitment, employees, and a selection of productivity tools. If you are only interested in project management, one app is free forever. If you want unlimited apps and more benefits, it costs $99 per month.


Yetiforce is another open-source solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It allows management of leads and contacts, meetings tracking, email management, and customer interaction management. 

It is GDPR-compliant which makes it perfect for businesses operating in Europe. There is also a GitHub community that can be very helpful in answering any technical queries you might have.

There you have it – the 7 best CRM software options to choose the one that will meet all your business needs and requirements.