Walk Your Team Through the Features of a New Customer Support System


It’s possible that you got to that point where you realize old ways are not that efficient anymore and decide to switch to customer support software. After doing the research and talking to your agents, you find a system that matches your needs. The next step is to present your idea to the team and ideally get them excited about the change.

Easier said than done because people do not like changes and they have a hard time making the effort to adjust to a new system after years on end. So, how do you approach the team and help them understand the benefits?

  1. Place yourself into their shoes

It is essential that you have a good grasp of what is holding people back when change is in store. Instead of starting off by passing judgment on how people are reluctant to change and they want to stay comfortable, think of the real reasons that make them feel insecure:

  • Deep down, your team members feel they won’t be able to learn the new software fast enough which will reflect poorly on their performance
  • They fail to see the benefits for them personally
  • They have a hard time looking beyond the stress of learning a new tool and how that tool is better
  • They fail to see how the company altogether benefits from such a change

These are normal, humane issues that pop into people’s minds and hearts. Therefore, you need to address these exact concerns when trying to get them on board.

  1. Give them a sense of security regarding the new system

Start off by showing your support and understanding that implementing a new tool is not easy. Reassure them that no one is expecting them to learn the software from day one and that each person has a different pace. Time and patience will be granted to each of them in the process.

Finally, walk them through the process of making the switch. Show them it is going to be gradual, you won’t just jump into the new boat wondering how it works.

Make a plan:

  • Choose software that it fitting
  • Talk to your agents about the change
  • Book a meeting to present everyone with the idea
  • Prepare comprehensive information for everyone about the new software
  • Invite them to try the system as a mock-up before actually working with it
  • Encourage questions or them expressing concerns to be addressed
  • Start a slow implementation
  • During the process, always check on people’s status and do maintenance even after the complete switch
  1. Show them how the change benefits them personally

Think about people’s needs for a change and approach them from that direction. Demonstrate how the system will make them more efficient, less stressed or busy and overall happier.

Talk them through all the new skills they can gain by learning the new system.

Nevertheless, make them feel valued by creating better conditions for their work.

They all want to be productive for their own sake, navigate easily through tasks and get better results so lead with that:

Productivity – the system takes care of repetitive tasks and they can use the spare time to do ones that are more entertaining.

Learning – learning a new tool and the consequent skills add value to them as individuals on the work market.

Value – becoming more efficient through the new tool will bring them more appreciation in the team.

4. Explain why the new software is better than the old system

The key words here are clear and communication. Join these two together and you are headed for success.

Clearly explain to them what makes the new system better than the old one.

  • Talk about the sore points of the old system and how the new one will eliminate them. Give practical examples of the struggles your team faced along the way. It will bring bad memories to them followed by a simple and clean solution offered by the new software. They might even get excited!
  • Describe all the new functions and features that the new system has and the value they bring to their work.
  1. Explain the benefits for the entire company

Talk about how it earns the client’s loyalty and increases demand. This, in turn, leads to better rank for the company among competitors and spruces out revenue. Finally, this improves their condition overall with better pay, lovely conditions and a consistent good atmosphere. When people are happy they are also more productive.  After all, better customer service is proven to generate more or larger purchases.

Basically, it shows them that any improvement at the company level comes back with benefits for them.

Once you have successfully outlined all the positive angles of the new software and you played your cards right, the team will be more eager to get on board. In the end, they might even come to say how happy they are with the change.