Why Sales Reps stop using CRM software


The customer relationship management (CRM) system is a great way of getting along well with your clients. It is an innovative software which helps the company to improve their relationship with their clients. However, the initial enthusiasm with which sales reps receive the CRM can gradually reduce, which can lead to a reduction in the usage of the system.

This article will talk about five (5) cogent factors which can cause sales reps to stop using the software. It also offers an action plan on how to rejuvenate their interest.

Your CRM is Too Sophisticated

If you have a CRM software that is taking too long to operate, or it is difficult to enter data into your CRM such that it is taking too much time, your sales rep will tend to reduce the rate at which they use it. They have a lot of things to combine with their primary assignment as sales reps and they cannot afford to waste too much time on the CRM. Therefore, they will view it as a form of distraction which should be done away with.

You can combat this problem by asking the sales reps what they find to be problematic and then get in touch with your CRM developer to render support. For instance, giving your team some refresher training or providing materials will guide them on how to use the CRM.

Your CRM Contains a Lot of Irrelevant Information

The information on your CRM must be of good quality. The users must find it interesting and absolutely trustworthy. Sales reps will not use a CRM system if they do not trust the data in it.

The solution to this is to make sure that you spring clean your system regularly. Try to get staff whose job will be to ensure that details of customers in the CRM is accurate and up-to-date. This should be done by scouring the system and making phone calls to ensure that the data in the system is correct.

Your Sales Reps Do Not Find It Useful

Members of a sales team keep changing. Old members go and new ones come in to replace them. These new people were not around when the CRM was installed and were not trained on how to use it or its importance.

This problem can be solved by getting staff who will be in charge of the CRM and train new employees on how to use the system. In addition to the basic training, he must also talk about the usefulness and advantage of using it. He should then perform regular checks to ensure that the employees are using the system the right way.

You can also give out incentives in order to make your staff appreciate using the CRM. For example, prizes could be given out to the person who has gotten the most customer details within a particular period of time on a regular basis e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Your CRM Is Just Another Task for Them to Do

There is a risk of your sales reps viewing the CRM as another of the numerous tasks they have performed. They must see it as a system which will increase the effectiveness of their job.

Your CRM Is Outdated

CRM is evolving and certain features on it could have become obsolete while requisite features necessary for the present are lacking. This can lead to a reduction in its usage.

The simple solution is to ensure your CRM does not become obsolete by regularly updating the software.

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