Why Your Company Should Stop Using Fax


In this ever-changing world, fax system whether an online or manual type is nothing but a retardant to your company growth. According to fax authority, ‘’Fax is still in existence because some people are still using it’’. Fax, not even being in use, it should not even be found in this present day companies.

Employing a cloud-based electronic signature system should not only be a necessity but also a mandate in other to be relevant and also to run a hitch-free business in this day and age. In this section, we are going to unfold the major reason why you must quit the fax system and adopt modern day technology to make your business more efficient.

It is Obsolete

The fax machine was established in 1846 as a result of an experiment carried out by Alexander Bain. The experiment was conducted using chemical mechanical fax type devices to reproduce graphic signs. This was later improved and was brought into the digital world by many others such as Xerox cooperation. They initiated how facsimiles can be transmitted through the telephone.

Online fax system was later developed as an improvement on the traditional manual type. But the disheartening form of it is that the online fax system cannot function without the email and the traditional fax machine. Is it the stress in linking up email? Or your client that must have the traditional fax before you can be able to send a fax document to them? The fax machine does not even worth using at all. Here are the ten reasons why you must stop using fax.

Online fax System Depend on Email Attachment and are time-consuming

What a pathetic system. You need to open your fax document as an email attachment before you can store it and get it signed. Will you continue wasting your time attaching files and also wait for your document to be signed? What if there are multiple signees?

Fax Systems Are Security risks

Where you place the fax machine determine the level of security. If your fax machine is not properly monitored,the document sent to you might be seen by another party. This is not really good for the privacy of your company.

Online Fax System Doesn’t Support All File Format

You have different file format to be signed and you use fax. You are in soup! This is absolutely impossible because your fax still promotes Microsoft (R) Word (R) formats, which may not accept some other file formats e.g. Google Docs etc.

Fax Still Depend on Paper Work for Operation

It is quite unfortunate that paper industries are still thriving with fax system of operation. When the aim of your company is to reduce their paper consumption and expenses, to ensure a cost-effective system.

Fax System Will Turn You into an Office and Online Acquaintance

You must switch to a web-based system today so that you won’t continue to stay longer online and in office. For instance, you are outside your office and you need to get some document sent. How will you do this when your fax number is bound to be inside your office? And also how will you be able to get your document signed when offline?

Fax System Makes User Access Become Tedious

Fax system is set up in such a way that the fax number is allocated to each individual. Imagine that in the 21st century, when you have systems that will give you a different level of accessibility.

If you own a company, and you want to be more productive than ever before, it would be a good idea to switch to an Ielectronic signature app that provides you with a simple way to electronically sign and return documents from almost anywhere in the world, using practically any device.

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