The Common Myths About Electronic Signatures, Debunked

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Several companies still make paperwork tedious for themselves by insisting on using outdated means to do their documentation. The world is ever changing and in this computer age, it will be so preposterous to think that you will not be able to survive without manual paperwork processes to get your document signed. Electronically, you can get all your documents including your executive meeting minutes, policy adherence agreement and term of service signed without any hassle. While this llooks bogus to you, it is nothing but the truth. To get this done, all you need do is to change your orientation about the following myths about electronic signatures.

Electronic Signatures cannot be legally tendered

This is nothing but blatant lies from a figment of your imagination. With electronic signatures, you can prove consent and intent as in the case of physical on-paper signature. As a matter of fact, many cases abound where judges have accepted and ruled in favour of electronic signature, thereby setting precedent for its legal acceptance.

Electronic Documents are not Stored Securely or Legally Compliant

This is also not true, because your file formats will be converted immediately into PDFs for additional security. Thus, you can store all legal documents online for as long as you want.

The Identity of the Signees Cannot Be Proved

I’m always taken aback whenever I come by this. The entire chain of custody and control is fully accounted for with electronic signature. Thus, there will be a clear audit trail, which will include the verified email address of the signees, IP addresses of the signees as well as a time stamp.

It is Difficult to Setup

This notion is very wrong. With electronic, all you need is to use the existing template (whatever format), highlight the section to be signed and share through email. Unlike fax system that requires your client waiting to print and complete by hand before posting back to you. In reality, electronic signatures will even help to save time and energy.

 It is Difficult to Manage Multiple Signature

This is another wrong perception of the electronic signature. An electronic signature is the easiest way to get and manage signatures on several pages of your legal document by multiple signees. You can also share this document with a number of signees of your choice including the account holder of the document.

Not all my legal Document can be Electronically Signed

If you say, it is cloud-based and does not involve physical contact with the signees. This does not mean you can’t sign all your legal document electronically. Electronic signature provides for the in-person system between you and your client.

Electronic Signature Won’t Support My File Format

Please debunk this! Electronic signature supports practically all file formats. It is very easy to sign your PDF, MS-office, Open-office, HTML, RTF, CSU, Images (JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF) and apple pages electronically than any other system.

Electronic Signature Services Are Very Expensive

Electronic signature systems are not as expensive as you think. An electronic signature will actually save your money by eliminating the cost of paper and maintenance machine such as printers and scanners.

24Stack Signing App is a reliable option for small, medium as well as large businesses because of its straightforward interface. Your employees can sign and return documents from anywhere, on any device. Something as simple as offering the option to use an electronic signature can lead to more customers, fewer mistakes, and more secure agreements.