Why All Sales Teams Should Use Mobile Apps

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Any sales department or team inside a large or small company should benefit from a tech platform that keeps them wired. Mobile apps have overrun the classic phone calling and messaging tactic. Having all in one place saves time, stress and enhances productivity. But if you are a business owner not yet convinced by the power of mobile, here are 8 reasons to give it a chance:

  1. Connected team members at all times

No more missed calls, unavailable information or after hours impediments. When your team has non-stop access to updates, information, changes through one simple app that doesn’t care about location, you have maximum efficiency and no dependencies.

  1. Automation of processes

With an app that is tailored for your team or chosen to meet your requirements, the sales team can operate transactions and coordinate sales status or tasks on the go.

A system that provides a comprehensive and complete image of their work is also a tool for improving services and strategies. It collects data about client behavior and needs while helping you to tailor all your offers.

  1. Client involvement

With a modern app ready to showcase offers or details about on-going transactions, clients gain trust. They establish a connection with the sales representative and gets fast and efficient advice and information. Time is precious for both sides – the sale rep and the customer.

  1. Analytics

Details and statistics are stored in a database through the app. This helps the company adapt its inside strategies or culture according to employee results or overall activity. You can see what areas need improvement, where do employees need more training or how to adjust the team dynamic to be more productive.

  1. Brand

 An app offers such dynamic options, that your sale reps can actually tailor offers for specific clients or customize a certain presentation. This translates to a better impression with clients and a boost of brand image. People love flexibility, fast results and creativity when they negotiate.

  1. Paperwork and documentation management

All files and documents can be stored in the app and  are available at any moment, in any place. This makes the whole selling process move fast and smooth. Employees can answer concerns from clients on the spot, can send or receive proof of transactions, send proposals or catalogs in a few easy steps. The only prerequisite is a mobile device which anyone works with today.

  1. Appointments and events planning

A calendar is pretty much default in any mobile app around. This allows for fast scheduling, better organization and time management, an overview of details and status and most importantly, important meetings. Remainders help to avoid unpleasant situations.

  1. Easy deal closing

The days of physical paperwork and tons of signatures are way behind. A mobile app-based sales team will be able to make an offer, negotiate terms, see transactions and close deals with the touch of a button. And it all can happen in minutes.

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