Does Your Legacy ERP Software Solution Help You Retain Employees?

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Over the years, there has been an increase in the use of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) by organizations and companies looking to improve business performance. ERP helps to simplify operations and manage all the financial, supply chain, manufacturing, reporting, and human resources activities of a company. Among its benefits include:

  • Improvement of collaboration in the workplace.
  • Enhancement of production.
  • Simplification of compliance and Risk management.
  • Improvement of production planning and Resource management.
  • Protection of critical business data through well-defined roles and security access.
  • Provision of tools for a high level of service to customers.

However, the benefits provided by the ERP system can only be fully enjoyed from its upgrade and advancement. Installing an ERP system can be very costly and fitting new ones into an organizational culture can be quite tasking, and so due to these reasons, some companies prefer to keep using their legacy ERP systems. But a vital question to ask is if legacy systems actually help companies and organizations retain their employees.

A legacy ERP system is a software solution that is no longer supported or enhanced and is unable to sufficiently meet changing business needs. By comparing the cost of using an outdated legacy ERP software solution over a new, advanced and updated one, it will be easy to identify the ways in which the legacy ERP software is limiting your company. These ways include:

  • The high cost of Maintenance

It is only normal that in a world where technology is on a path of constant advancement, old and outdated ERP software solutions will require much more money to maintain and keep functioning.

  • Difficulty in program management

With long usage of the same system and changes and patchwork to it, many programs will have become complicated, and difficult to efficiently manage by an average IT professional.

  • Lack of support from the original vendor

Many vendors of a software discontinue support for them after a while, as they are busy working on creating better-improved ones. Due to this, companies making use of legacy ERP software miss out on new capabilities of these softwares

  • Limited access and functionality

With legacy ERP software solutions, extraction of business content is often difficult and thereby limit accessibility to required data. Also, this kind of systems without any doubt limited in flexibility and functionalities.

  • Dissatisfaction of Users

Most users who already use the latest technologies (smartphones, tablets, laptops) will definitely have a high inclination for new, updated ERP software and thus become dissatisfied with the outdated legacy ones.

Considering all these limiting factors to a company, brought about by the continuous use of legacy ERP software solutions, it is only right to conclude that it won’t help you retain employees. The reason for this is very obvious, as no employee will naturally want to remain in a company that is not advancing due to the use of an outdated system like the legacy ERP software.

So, in other to experience growth and continuous advancement in your organization, it is very advisable that you embrace the new, and go ahead to upgrade your ERP software solution.