ERP Payment Processing: Benefits of Using EFTs


Payment and bank transactions were sources of concern for companies who are majorly involved in the management of payments and transactions between multiple bank accounts in the past, but now, through electronic funds transfer (EFT), a secure and convenient avenue of payment has been provided which is associated with lesser stress, greater convenience, more secure and better way to the management of resources in day-to-day financial transactions. This article features the benefits of using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to companies and organization involved in funds management across multiple bank accounts.

Long Term Savings

A good way by which EFT proves to be beneficial to institutions is the savings which it provides on the long run to companies that use it. This is made possible by EFT by saving the costs on processing fees and costs associated with postage and stamps especially for companies that mail cheques physically. EFT brings about this by allowing users to simply post payments by uploading a file to the bank.

Enhanced security

Some disadvantages cannot be totally eliminated from sending cheques through the mail, ranking on the top of the list of this is forgery and loss of the cheques in the mail. These disadvantages are grossly unwanted by companies and EFTs provide a way out of them in that it offers enhanced security and places better measures on the safety of financial transactions. A mechanism by which Electronic Funds Transfer does this is through in-built security features which ensures that transactions are done through a secure online network and also allows for funds to be directly deposited into the affiliated accounts of companies.

Simple and Convenient

There is a wide array of options which the EFT provides for its users which are very simple and convenient to use and which makes the whole process of fund transfer and bank transactions interesting and easy. The mode of operation of EFTs make it possible for companies and users to set features such as the automated payment, which makes it possible for some forms of payments such as paying vendors or retailers on a particular day of the month or for providing payments to workers on a payroll on a preset date and time, saving users a whole lot of stress in recurrent monthly preparation of payment systems. Another great reason why the Electronic funds’ transfer system ranks above the traditional systems of bank transaction is the ease by which it can be accessed once a user is connected to the internet which is all that is needed to allow for unlimited bank transactions all in a stress-free and efficient process.

The benefits to draw from Electronic Funds Transfers are numerous and are in no way limited, it is all a function of how well you can utilize it as a user. Even though the ease with which this system operates is a strong advantage, the speed by which it gets tasks performed is yet worthy of note and it yet promises to become better in future years!