5 Reasons Companies Should Use CRM for Their Business


Life is like a rollercoaster, sometimes you are up beaming with excitement, sometimes you are brought right back to earth void of emotions and sometimes you just feel indifferent. For us to get through in life; we need people – no man is an island of knowledge. Making friends before you need them is very crucial in this unsettling ride called life. We need people to survive. Agencies are like people as such they strive to become successful in their various lines of business. Business can, however, be grueling at times especially for new agencies but making ‘friends’ can alleviate the problem that agencies might face.

Agencies need to build relationships with their customers and prospects because in the end who do they sell their products to? Having fostered relationships with the customer, they need to manage the bind that now exists and further leverage on the close ties to ensure growth and survival in the unsettling environment of business.

One will begin to wonder how a new company with no insight can build a relationship from scratch or how an already existing agency can maintain relationships and attract more customers. Hence the need for a system called CRM. This system is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, it is an innovative technique adopted by companies both new and existing, which enables them to track, analyze, market product to the public while establishing a firm bond with customers. One might still wonder how CRM can help. Not only does the formidable system track customers, but also, CRM hives an insight into what customers and agency can approach. CRM also helps to analyze the market identifying factors that can improve the image by structuring ways to render services to the different customers patronizing the product – no customer is the same. Through CRM, new companies are able to understand how, when, and who to market their products; customers are classified based on age, sex, language or nationality depending on the preference of the agency. Understanding these factors will endear the business to the customers.

With the plethora of benefits CRM gives a business, it is no surprise that companies now crave for the implementation of the system. However, if your agency is still skeptical about CRM here are 5 reasons you should change your mind:


CRM does not just help to know prospective customers; it is a great tool in understanding business’ sales cycle. Different sales personnel manage customer accounts; these accounts are arranged in a systematic manner to ease the flow of business. This means different customers with their different needs are classified in order to determine the level of attention and approach they need. These accounts are managed through predefined filters and such suit customers who have different priorities. The system shows the company what is important when dealing with customers, companies and other clients.



A well-managed CRM will help an employee gain insight to every business relationship ever associated with the agency. Every customer, sale, project, product or service rendered to the customer is housed inside the CRM. Data is effectively managed when a CRM is in place as it helps in tracking down every interaction and is notable for information collection. The data is always fresh as the CRM software updates, organizes and maintains customers information.


It has been recorded that 65% of sales representatives hit their quotas when a mobile CRM is in place. This staggering cannot be compared to the 22% of sales rep. who do not meet up their quotas without a CRM. The system helps a business follow a sales process that will ensure free flow of sales and interaction in the agency. By leveraging on the relationships, agencies are able to increase sales, and more income to an agency through the referral system. This ensures increase in sales.


Human beings are insatiable by nature; as such, we tend to go for more sales to become leaders of the pack. CRM helps a company to explore more options and investment opportunities either through leveraging on the relationships previously established or fostering new ties with other prospects.


Customers, clients, and companies can go to any length for an agency they believe and are committed to. Through CRM, agencies are able to keep the customers happy by providing top-notch services coupled with fostering closer ties with them.

Companies looking to enhance their customer relationship management should consider adopting the mobile version of their existing CRM system or acquiring a mobile CRM app.

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