Best Small Business Apps in 2022

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Whether you’re working from home, the office, or on the road, the finest small business applications make it simple to handle many areas of your company.

They recognize how important it is to have a flexible and effective company model. Mobile devices almost surely play a part in daily life, but selecting the best applications for them may be difficult.

This is particularly true if you just want to use one sort of office software on your phone or tablet and don’t want to transfer papers between multiple applications only to read them.

Additionally, since you’ll be pressed for time, you’ll need various applications to handle the most common scenarios. Calendar applications, networking apps, and many other free cloud apps are all fair game.

Small and medium-sized organizations will find the most relevant apps in this guide. They all provide essential functionality while also delivering on value for the price.

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the top applications for small businesses presently on the market.

1. Microsoft 365

If you’re looking for the greatest small company software, go no further than Microsoft 365, which just changed its name from Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

Remember when Microsoft Office used to come in a box that you had to buy and manually install on your computer? While this is still feasible, Microsoft 365 now has app versions for Android and iOS, so you can use it on both Android and Apple devices.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all part of Microsoft 365, so you don’t have to buy them separately. As part of the service, OneDrive can be used for online backups. Even if you currently use another cloud service like Google Drive or DropBox, having various backup choices is good.

For PC usage exclusively, Publisher and Access are included with Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams is also included, although you may get it separately and utilize it as you see fit.

There are alternatives to Microsoft Office, but the plain truth is that they are not so good: capabilities tend to be restricted, and there may be issues converting critical office files to different formats, which you simply do not need the stress of dealing with while operating your own business.

Many various versions are available depending on whether you need a license for yourself or maybe a bundle for your employees. There are extra corporate service and administration solutions available to business customers.

2. GoRemote

GoRemote is our top option for a corporate conference solution. It provides a wide range of options and capabilities, but it also comes at a fair price.

Because it’s based on business services, you may use it on any browser-enabled device, whether a Windows PC, an iPad, or an Android smartphone.

One of the most significant features that GoRemote offers its customers is the availability of unlimited video calls, which also provide password protection, a highly important security measure.
With its reliability and ease of use, GoRemote also provides GDPR compliance, thanks to the company being hosted in Europe.

Industry-specific integrations are available for education, government, healthcare, developers, media, and law firms. The white-brand label allows for video conferences with the company logo attachment.

3. Avast Business Antivirus Pro

Endpoint security suite Avast Business Antivirus Pro provides a wide range of features, including anti-virus and firewall protection and the option to sandbox programs to provide comprehensive protection. Among the finest corporate anti-viruses, Avast Business Antivirus Pro (as opposed to Avast Business Antivirus) protects your SharePoint and Exchange servers and provides a variety of server management capabilities.

Avast’s engine blocks 99.7 percent of attacks in the AV-Real-World Comparative’s Protection report, which is usually regarded as excellent by independent testing.

It has long been regarded as one of the top anti-virus programs on the market, but Avast Business Antivirus Pro may be a better option if you’re looking for value and ease of use.

4. PayPal

As a result of its user-friendliness, PayPal has risen to the position of our top selection for the finest credit card processing service provider.

The most difficult element of getting started with PayPal processing is copying and pasting an API key that the service provides. However, PayPal has made this procedure easy for major e-commerce platforms.

Web Payments Standard is free for small companies. However, transaction costs are based on sales volume. PayPal may be utilized as a stand-alone service for accepting individual payments from customers, even if the shopping cart was created to handle PayPal from the ground up. This can be done by simply putting a payment button code into an email. This feature is included by default.

Using a card reader to accept payments in-store is one of the more advanced PayPal services. PayPal is a great alternative for small enterprises and startups since there are no monthly fees or hidden expenses.

5. Hubspot Marketing Hub

Hubspot is an all-in-one platform for content management, sales and marketing, and advertising on social media. It goes well beyond merely creating a website and changing its content and ranks as our top option for our best CRM software’s best content marketing tools and features.

For this purpose, Hubspot provides a variety of alternatives for split testing, content storage, and communication amongst sales teams and customers.

In addition to Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365, several other connectors are available.

Overall, Hubspot may not be the greatest at every function it provides, but the comprehensive collection makes it an obvious market leader and the greatest at what it does. 

6. IDrive

IDrive is a top-rated cloud storage service because it allows you to sync all your data, including those on network drives, without interruption. Email, Twitter, and Facebook are all alternatives for sending files through the online interface. There’s less risk of accidentally deleting anything vital since deleted files aren’t instantly erased from the server, which is good news for cautious or click-happy users. All files backed up to your account may have 30 prior versions.

As a bonus, IT administrators get access to the IDrive Thin Client program, which enables them to perform backup/restore operations and control settings for all of their linked machines.

You can use face recognition to organize and sync your images across your connected devices, making it easy to keep track of your events. You may get a real hard disk drive from IDrive if you lose all of your data, allowing you to restore all of your information quickly. That includes the new disk image backup function.

A business version includes priority assistance, single sign-on, unlimited users, and server backups. The cloud object storage service IDrive Cloud is also accessible.

7. 24Stack

Nowadays, it seems that we need a business app for everything and it’s easy to get lost in the multitude of choices. 24Stack is the ideal solution that lets you choose the apps that your business actually needs. There are apps for recruiting, sales, productivity, and operations. There is an app specially designed for recruitment that enables you to post job vacancies online. Afterward, you can start building a pipeline and begin tracking the performance and progress of candidates as they pass through various recruitment stages..

24Stack is a visually appealing platform so users can quickly get an overview of all of the candidates or a more in-depth look at potential employees. Best of all, if you are only interested in one app, such as the recruitment app, it is completely free.