Tools to Help You Recruit Smartly in the Digital Transformation Period

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All business areas have chosen to integrate software and changes digitally due to technological developments. This change had been embraced in the processes including data management, services, production, and manufacturing. In spite of this, they have not made their recruitment process wholly digital.

Recruiters must understand how to manufacture or produce some of the readily available software solutions in order for their recruitment process to be digitally transformed.  Let’s examine few things to be added or changed in the recruitment process in order to ensure that it is not only efficient but also technologically advanced. 

Flexible Recruitment Model is a Must

You must put a flexible recruitment model that meets the latest technological development in place if you really mean the business of making your recruitment process digitally advanced. Establishing your aim for hiring is the initial step in developing a model of this magnitude.

You also need to put the number of positions to be occupied at a particular time in question. Also, consider the parameters of assessment such as interests, experience, knowledge, and skills among others.

Ascertain the job performance objectives to be achieved by the fresh workforce and their retention rate. It is after you have a clear understanding of the above that you can now go-ahead to map out the best recruitment campaign and structure a better job description that will attract the right candidates.

Know the Viewpoint of the Applicant

You must first know the journey of the applicants before you can understand their perspective. To know about the new vacancies and job openings, the first point of call of an applicant or job seeker includes job platforms such as Monster and LinkedIn before turning to social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to know more about the workspace, culture, and lots more about your organization.

Recruit by Using Technology

If the interview process is a sloppiness experience, Candidates and job seekers won’t apply. Using technology in the recruitment process enhances the process and reduces time.

Use the Tool

There are many tools out there to help you recruit smartly in this Digital Transformation era. One of such tools is When it comes to testing developers and improving the technical hiring efficiency of your business, is the foremost testing platform. The KillerCoder allows you to adapt questions depending on the category of seniority you want to employ and tests for all the general programming languages.

Hire the Best Candidates with Data Analytics

The increase in the use of social media has actually made organizing each application manually very difficult. This has giving rise to the need for cloud-based software. With the ATS aka Cloud-based Applicant Tracking System, you can monitor applications and control candidates during the recruitment process.

The Tool

The solution is a clean and simple workspace designed for businesses to manage and organize their businesses.  This saves you from subscribing to loads of SaaS service providers to organize and manage your business for you. is one of the few providers with dominant technology solutions enveloped in clean and modest design.