Best Recruitment Software

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This is the software used in streamlining the recruitment process. It helps employers increase great talents in their workforce. Recruitment software is very beneficial in reducing the time required to check for the candidate’s talents. An organization is able to save a lot using recruitment software other than manual recruitment.

Benefits of recruitment software

  • Time-saving – With its performance efficiency, the software saves time in recruiting process.
  • Productivity increase – the software automates repetitive tasks of recruiting managers increasing productivity during recruitment.
  • Bias elimination – the software eliminates recruitment bias observed during the manual enrollment of candidates.
  • Social reach – The software allows recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates via social media platforms.
  • Efficient data handling – Equipped with ample storage, it makes data processing faster with efficient collection of candidates’ information.

Best recruitment apps

1. Adaface

This software assists in automating technical interviews by screening candidates for required skills


  • Robotic assessments – It offers chatty assessments in a friendly way giving candidates a positive experience.
  • Customizability – It allows adding of assessments from various libraries to help in recruiting.
  • Plagiarism check – the plagiarism feature ensures one can fully trust scores from each candidate.
  • Flexibility – The software allows adjustments to suit one’s particular recruitment needs.
  • Integrations – The software allows integration even with third-party applications.
  • User interface – It allows easy navigation and access to data
  • Customer Support – The software offers live chats, emails, and phones in case of challenges.
  • Pricing – It offers fair prices depending on the recruitment needs.

2. BambooHR


  • Usability – This software is developed with tools and functions that are easy to use
  • Enrolment platform – It offers post enrolling functions, onboarding, and applicant tracking
  • Tools abundant – This software offer tools in sourcing and recruitment processes.
  • Unpackaged emailing – The software offers a platform to send bulk emails simultaneously.
  • Integrations – Despite being selective, it integrates well with other applications such as Workable and Ximble.


  • Instinctive design – This feature makes it practical and easily understandable
  • Good ATS – It makes accessibility easy in tracing, ranking, and cross-examining candidates.


  •  Restricted integrations – This software does not allow much integration as its competitors
  • Video interviewing – This software lacks the important video interviewing feature.
  • Customer Support – This software offers emails and phone support making it easy to get assistance from the support group.

3. Zoho Recruit


  •  Numerous postings – It allows postings to various sourcing pools
  • Spontaneous assistant – This feature helps identify and carry out assessments of top talents making hiring easier.
  • Resume management – The software locates suitable candidates through resume management tools.
  • Integrations – The software offers innumerable integrations making it the best to use


The software offers a platform for multiple languages and translation for sourcing talents worldwide.

  •  Usability – One rarely spend time learning or using it


  • Bulk email – The email function does not provide easy customization as it is hardly flexible.
  • User interface – Its interface is shaky compared to its competitors
  • Customer Support – This software only offers one communication medium, which is email.


     24Stack is for businesses that want to do more than sourcing.  It does everything from recruiting, collaboration tools to project management, and performance appraisal. 24Stack takes you through the entire process and helps you to find the right candidate.

In conclusion, the emergence of recruiting software offers extensive screening of candidates to pick the best.  It reduces the losses companies make when handling recruitment. The need for improving candidate experience makes it necessary to advise organizations to invest in recruitment software.