The Four Best Note-Taking Android Apps in 2021

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Note-taking has become so much more than a leaky pen and lined paper. Apps for taking notes can be your best asset for so much more than just jotting things down. And everyone has a note-taking app that’s just right for them. Which Android app is going to help you run your business this year? Here are four of the best note-taking apps available.


OneNote is note-taking, made easy. It’s part of Microsoft Office Suite, making it one of the oldest and most well-recognized note-taking apps. You can scan notes from physical paper to OneNote, draw, or type, and it’s all connected to the Cloud. It’s also incredibly easy (and fun) to personalize, making even the simplest note-taking match your needs – star an important meeting, for example, or add ruled lines for a notebook feel. It’s great for creative-types.


If you’re the king or queen of organization, you’ve probably already heard of EverNote. It’s type A Heaven, thanks to to-do lists and versatility between typing, audio recording, and drawing. You can also organize your notes into little notebooks and sync them to your computer for seamless organization. EverNote is perfect for someone whose favorite hobby is organization.


SimpleNote is, as the name says, a simple way to take notes. It streamlines the process – instead of giving you endless possibilities like the other apps on this list, SimpleNote is perfect for anyone who just wants to jot something down. And then when you’re done you can label and organize your thoughts. It’s also lightning-fast to use, and easy to share with colleagues and friends. It’s the bare minimum, in the most helpful way.


This is as business-oriented an app as you can get. It’s made to run your business on the go. Notes are organized in a familiar and tasteful layout that’s clear and simple, despite the number of tasks it can help fulfill. Anything you need to do at work – invoicing, notetaking and charts – are all private, but also easy to share with colleagues. It will keep your business running 24/7. Notes are what the busiest of the business-people need in today’s multifaceted world.

Whether you like to keep your notes simple or make them into an elaborate metaphor for your own personality, these apps will help you keep track of day-to-day life, and then some.