5 Best Leave Management Apps For Android

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Taking leave from work is exciting – but not if you are the person who deals with the leave management. It might seem like a straightforward process but not when you have to handle last-minute requests, disparate emails and spreadsheets, and so on. 

Leave management software can be just the solution to help you get rid of spreadsheets, emails, and paper forms. It provides accurate real-time data, visibility into different forms of absence, and highlighted leave trends. 

There are many leave management software currently on the market. When trying to find the perfect fit, you need to consider several factors – the features you look for, and of course, its price being the most important ones. 

Read on to find out the best leave management apps for Android. 

Kissflow HR Cloud

A cloud-based leave management tool that can help you spend less time and effort on the process. You can build a leave management system that works best for your needs which might take some time for the initial set up but once you are done, you will benefit from the many functionalities done right for you. 

Some of the key features of Kissflow HR Cloud include auto-updates, depending on the employee role, eligibility, and holiday; flexible leave accrual, including balance tracking and leave history; and risk mitigation aspects such as conditional visibility and role-based access. There are reporting and analytics options for smart decisions, and the portal is role-specific. 

The API integration is effortless and the tool is not only restricted to HR processes but can be used to other business workflows and processes as well. 


An HR management software that allows for tracking and planning of all types of leaves and absences. It makes people management easier and you can track attendance using iBeacons and QR codes. There is a notification option so you can get real-time alerts for time-off requests and upcoming absences. 

Calamari is a great tool for companies that have offices in multiple locations and can be integrated with various project management tools such as Slack, JIRA, GSuite, Basecamp, Asana, and Microsoft Teams. 

Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS comes in individual modules or suites so it can provide more functionalities depending on which modules you choose. It is cloud-based and assists in leaves management by helping you to define leave types, holidays, and policies. 

Employees add their requests through a self-service portal and once a request is accepted, it is automatically integrated into a tracking and payroll module. You can use the mobile app to manage leave requests from anywhere in the world at any time. 


A cloud-based leave management software that is a scalable, secure, scalable, mobile-friendly, and easily accessible solution for all industries. 

You can track time, manage leaves, measure productivity, and so on while the reporting tool provides enough data to control absence trends. There is one downside though – the PTO balance is not displayed so you will need to keep track and manually adjust on a spreadsheet. 


With this attendance management tool, you can easily define leave types, holidays, policies, and more. It offers a self-service portal for employees to track their leave history and add or edit their requests. 

24Stack is a great solution for small to medium businesses that can benefit from the less time spent on leave management of their employees. The mobile app can be used from anywhere and at any time and provides flexibility both for HRs and employees.