Top 5 Most Useful Accounting Apps for iOS

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Managing business accounts can be quite daunting, whether it be a big or small business. It can be quite challenging and overwhelming handing all the invoices and lists, even for accountants, much less for business owners handling various tasks and issues simultaneously. However, it doesn’t always have to be a complicated experience. Using accounting apps has helped thousands of business owners track their finances from their favored devices’ comfort. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of easy-to-use accounting apps out there that will make it so much easier to track your finances, with some of them even tracking them for you! Read below to discover the best accounting apps on the App Store to help you find the right fit for your needs!

Top 5 Accounting Apps for iOS 

1. FreshBooks

This cloud-based accounting app is intuitive and easy to understand, free of complex and technical references, making FreshBooks suitable for accountants and small-scale businesses. You can manage invoices with real-time tracking, as well as handling expenses and payments. It’s the perfect choice for small companies that don’t need double-entry bookkeeping due to its pure simplicity.

2. Xero

Unlike FreshBooks, Xero is the right choice for double-entry accounting and large-scale businesses. This app boasts contact management, inventory features, payroll, and other auto time-savers. It’s a good alternative to QuickBooks, being an easy-to-use app without much complication to ruin your experience. Xero caters to unlimited users, as well as advanced user permission, and you can easily handle invoicing, payment, expenses, financing, and reporting, all in one app.

3. KashFlow

If you don’t have much knowledge in accounting or you’re a small business owner, then KashFlow is perfect for you. With an easy and quick setup, it doesn’t even require a download; you just have to register and start up right away. After a two-week trial period, you’ll have access to a cloud-hosted system anywhere, so you don’t ever lose your data. With a credit control system, KashFlow allows you to be notified when you are owed and send 3 reminder letters to those who are late paying you. While the app makes use of elaborate sheets and reports such as Profit and Loss Balance sheets or Trial Balance reports, it’s still quite intuitive for any user without much knowledge in accounting.

4. FinancialForce Accounting

Another great app for small business owners is the minimalistic user interface and the easy-to-use overhead view. FinancialForce boasts a multidimensional chart of accounts, making it rather effortless to keep track of everything at once. With trackable KPIs and operational reporting, you’ll always have access to various analytics that provide you real-time business intelligence. Accurate and fast cash processing and the ability to perform reports for multiple companies in different currencies will enable you to create invoices in an instant and easily boost your business, making it much easier to manage.


With a minimalistic interface, 24Stack gives you access to all the features you’re looking for in one place. This app allows you to create, customize and send invoices to customers, as well as monitor their status, see if they’ve been read, paid, or become overdue. The app shares many of the same features as the companion software, even going as far as sending you notifications on customer activities, send payment reminders and receipts, and record all your invoices and revenue to back them up to your account.


All In One – Manage your accounting in one place

Get Paid Faster! – Getting paid is easy with full integration of all invoice features

Manage bills and expenses – Oversee your supplier invoicing and what invoices are coming.