5 Best Leave Management Apps For iOS

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Leave management is an important part of HR that can help with the management of employee leaves and absences. The right software can help with processing requests, obtaining the necessary approvals, and recording the amount of paid and unpaid leave employees have taken. 

Leave management software can also help with scheduling so that managers can have all the important data in a convenient location to help them make better decisions. The system allows for having a simplified process to request, approve, and document the time off. This way you can stay compliant with labor regulations and laws – in case of an audit, you can access all the related documents in a single location. 

Read on to find out the best leave management apps available for iOS.

TimeOut by CWS Software

An effective system for leave management that provides time tracking, calendar management, and charting. It is fully configurable and automates all processes while eliminating the risk of errors. 

Manage requests, approval, and time tracking easily and integrate with any payroll or HRIS system. With the self-service portal, employees can add, edit, and delete their requests and receive instant notification of decisions. 

WhosOff by XD

An easy-to-use leave management software that provides useful features such as shift scheduling, approval process control, customizable branding, and API. You can integrate the tool with Microsoft Outlook, Bitium, and Google Calendar to simplify the process and reduce time spent on paper. 

There is an option to add custom leave types, block out holidays, and allow employees to record any overtime. 


A cloud-based software created to help small to medium businesses easily handle leave, employee vacation, PTO, and attendance. It supports both iOS and Android for leave requests, approvals, and tracking. 

You can forget about manual data entry entirely – the calendar is visible for both employees and HR staff. The system minimizes the risk of leave conflicts or overbooking, and the work schedule can easily be arranged. 

There are four modules – Absence Management, Employee Vacation Tracker, Time Tracking, and Digital Personal Files. The system is user-friendly, very easy to customize, secure, and can be integrated with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook.  

ADP Workforce Now

A cloud-based leave management tool that provides custom leave policies, easy integration with calendars, and supports various leave types, including personal, vacation, LOP, PTO, and more. 

There is a native mobile app for iOS and Android which can be used by both employees and managers. It can be integrated with other HR solutions through API and the customizable homepage serves as a digital board for sharing updates, leave policies, and other notices. 


An attendance management software that can be used to define leave types, holidays, policies, and so on. There is a self-service portal that can be used by employees to add, edit, or delete requests and to track their leave history in real-time. 

Managers can group employees by entitles and manage all the data in one place to save time and effort on manual entry. The mobile app is a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses that need an effective solution for leave management.