7 Appointment Scheduling Apps For Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agents with forward-thinking never limit themselves to just one location. They are always looking to improve their performance and use the latest technology to do so. With the help of scheduling apps, real estate agents can take control of busy agendas, schedule showings, and stay on top of their calendar. 

To make the most of this helpful technology, it is important to pick the right software. Here are the best appointment scheduling apps for real estate agents – use them to make informed decisions, streamline your work, and optimize your efficiency. 


Widely used app for websites based on WordPress. It will turn your WordPress page into a platform where you can take bookings, appointments, payments,  send automatic messages,  and much more. You can integrate it with Zoom and Google Calendar to improve efficiency. 


With this app, people can schedule meetings and appointments directly without the need to call. The booking process is simple and straightforward for both the customer and the real estate agent. The software is very user-friendly and functional so you can save a lot of time and effort by eliminating phone calls, emails, and manual data entry. 


This software can be used both on mobile and PC and can be integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook, or other scheduling apps. You can open a schedule with time slots that are available and clients can select the date and time that work best for them. A great tool to keep your schedule organized and your calendar timely updated to avoid double bookings. 


An online tool for resource management and scheduling with which you can add a booking button to your online points of contact. With one click booking your clients can easily schedule an appointment without having to make a phone call or email. 


This tool offers artificial intelligence to help you get more qualified leads. There is a smart chatbot that will contact potential clients visiting your website, Facebook, or live chat, and start skiing questions, analyzing answers, and offering to schedule appointments. It works both on PC and mobile, so you can keep track of lead generation from different devices. 


This tool will help to streamline the scheduling and management of appointments and is great for real estate agents. It provides real-time availability, as well as automated reminders to limit the number of missed appointments and no-shows and motivate your clients to reschedule or cancel their appointments. Other useful features include the ability to receive payments online and a personalized calendar. Genbook is available both for PC and mobile devices.


A smart application that can connect real estate agencies, realtors, brokers, and clients. Agents can schedule showings and send reminders, and buyers and sellers can book showings. There is a chat option which is a great function, as it offers rapid communication in case of any changes or issues.