5 of The Best HR Apps for Your Hiring and Recruiting Needs

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Traditionally, the recruitment process has been a long and costly one. Nowadays, we are living in a candidate-driven market and with many companies feeling there is a talent shortage, hiring the best candidate is a massive challenge. On the bright side, technology has allowed us to speed up the process and at the same time, enhance it for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the best HR Apps that will save your company time and money without sacrificing quality.

  1. Breezy

Breezy has excellent ratings among its users. This cloud-based solution enables applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and video interviews, which have grown in popularity recently because of the ability to hire remotely. Users can add browser extensions to source candidates from sites like LinkedIn and post job vacancies.

With the prescreening video feature, you can eliminate candidates who either don’t qualify or don’t meet certain requirements. It also gives you a chance to gauge interpersonal skills and goals. There is the option to perform background checks as well as to analyze candidates’ performance throughout each stage of the process. Breezy is particularly popular for its ease of use with its drag and drop pipeline management.

  • ApplicantStack

Also cloud-based, ApplicantStack will help with hiring and onboarding. Initially, users can create job vacancies and post them to custom-built job boards, job portals, and social media sites. You can also create candidate templates and prescreening questionnaires. It comes with Rule Wizard, a tool that allows for candidate filtering and ranking based on the data collected. To further save time, this app can send automated emails to candidates to update them on their progress.

So that everyone in the recruitment process stays informed, you can link the candidate’s progress and interview times onto company calendars like Google and Outlook. One handy feature is the ability to make notes on different candidates so that each recruiter remains updated about a candidate’s progress.

  • JobDiva

With its business intelligence tools, JobDiva can help recruiters and even staffing agencies with every step of the process from sourcing candidates to onboarding. The user can post jobs to sites like Monster and Indeed. It also has a really smart feature called CalcuDiva that tells you the costs and profits of applicants. You can filter your resumés depending on skill, pay, experience, or location and use the Harvester tool to search for candidates in your database that meet your requirements.

JobDiva’s search engine is one of the best and will help to identify candidates with similar skills to those you are looking for. You also have the option to search for previous candidates who have applied when new positions become available. It comes with integrated text and email tools to keep everyone informed. JobDiva is an excellent choice for large firms with numerous candidates and for recruiting agencies.

  • Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is the logical choice if you are already using one of the Zoho software solutions such as Zoho CRM as you can take advantage of discounts. That being said, it already offers excellent rates. Users can create job vacancies and track their success, source candidates, and filter their resumés, and screen candidates. We liked the ability to share documents so that companies can benefit from better collaboration.

Another good feature is the visual dashboard that lets recruiters quickly see the process of candidates and keep all of the candidate information gathered from different sites in one database.

  • 24Stack

Today, it seems like we need a business app for everything and it’s easy to get lost in the multiple options. 24Stack is the perfect solution that allows you to pick and choose the apps that your company actually needs. There are apps for sales, productivity, and operations. There is an app specifically for recruitment that allows you to post job vacancies online via a branded, publicly accessible website. You can then build a pipeline in your recruitment campaign and begin tracking the performance and progress of candidates as they pass through stages such as screening.

24Stack is very visually appealing so users can get an overview of all of the candidates or a more depth look at individuals. Each candidate can be contacted through their preferred social media page to speed up the hiring process. Best of all, if you are only interested in one app, such as the recruitment app, it is completely free.