Top Performance Appraisal Software for 2020

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Performance reviews have traditionally been a headache for both those being reviewed and those who have to carry them out. A report that encompasses an entire year of someone’s professional actions is going to be hard to remember, let alone be accurate. Performance appraisal software can help streamline the process with a 1-page fair summary. It enables managers to set predefined standards to assess employees, provide feedback, and make insightful decisions. Here are some of the best performance appraisal software for this year.

  • BambooHR

BambooHR is a great solution for companies that are expanding quickly and taking on new employees, especially small to medium-sized companies. It is a cloud-based system that is both intuitive and cost-effective while managing employee information. The Human Resources Information Service can be personalized to allow for specific company strategies. Features include 360º feedback, appraisal history tracking, and peer appraisals. You can also take advantage of compensation management, goal setting, and a self-service portal, all with a free trial period.

  • UltiPro

For small to larger businesses, UltiPro can simplify and enhance work experiences for employees throughout all levels of a company and not just for appraisals. You can personalize the recruitment and onboarding process, ease the complexities of payroll, and keep track of time and attendance. The appraisals can be peer-based, on-going, and self-appraisals. There is goal setting plus individual development plans. The free trial lets you explore all of these features and skills assessments, compensation management, and more.

  • Workday

Another tool for large firms is Workday Performance Management for managers, leaders, and HR to get a better overview of business operations. Not only is it ideal for improving organization, but it will also help to prepare a company for future growth. Aside from appraisals and skills assessments, employers can use Workday for compensation management, goal setting, individual plans, and a particular feature we liked was the ability to find skilled talent by searching job profiles. A handy feature is a messaging system to remind workers to update their information.

  • Zoho People

It is more than likely that you have heard of Zoho services before, especially the Zoho CRM. Zoho People is popular for its ease of use and excellent value for money. It takes all the effort out of timesheet management. This cloud solution has a mobile app that allows staff to track their hours and request leave. It has on-going performance tracking, custom rating scales, 360º feedback, goal setting, and a self-service portal. A free trial is available.

  • Synergita

For just $4 a month per user, Synergita features all of the appraisal features we have seen with the above performance appraisal software but is actually Employee Performance Management, Development, and Engagement Software. There is a strong emphasis on taking care of employees and making sure they are able to reach their full potential. Solutions include ways to eliminate hurdles that employees may face in the workplace so they can focus on performing their jobs.

  • Engagedly

Performance reviews can take just minutes with the Engagedly software. 360º feedback allows for a super simple process and you can also benefit from appraisal history tracking and ongoing performance tracking. This solution combines a simplified process along with elements that will engage employees. Prices start at $5 a month per person and there is a free trial.

  • 24Stack

24Stack is possibly one of the most complete business solutions you can find with all apps in one. The appraisal app lets you choose one of their templates to make employee evaluations and you can collect data by sending out surveys to workers. The employee app includes appraisal features, employee and leaves management and you can even manage your projects, accounting, invoicing, recruitment, and more. If you just want to use one of the 24Stack apps, the service is free forever. Unlimited apps and users cost $99 per month.