7 Best Expense Tracker Mobile Apps

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There are a lot of mobile apps on the market that will help you keep track of all your expenses and bills. They come with different features and are very handy for businesses of all sizes as one of the most important things is to be able to constantly keep tabs on the ash flow. 

From automatic invoices to faster reimbursement – here are why you should use such app and which are the best expense tracker mobile apps currently out there. 


Expensify can pretty much do everything – from reporting expenses to keeping track of receipts. Its handy features and automation abilities barely need any manual data entry  – you just snap a picture of the receipt and details are automatically coded so you can get reimbursed faster. You can also receive notifications in real-time about upcoming flights, trips, and any changes. 

Expensify can be integrated with Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite. 


24Stack is one of the best solutions if you are looking for expense tracking without any efforts. With this app, you can record the expenses in real-time and store the digital copies of your receipts, sort them by category, and add additional notes. You can even manage the expenses per team as 24Stack provides more granular visibility on your team’s expenses.

Rydoo Expense

Rydoo has plenty of features to make your life easier – from real-time expense analysis to mileage tracking. And since it integrates with other software easily, it makes migration between platforms effortless. You can submit reports on the move through email, photos, or through third-party services like Evernote and Dropbox. Rydoo can also match credit card transactions with expenses through statement analysis. 


QuickBooks is the perfect software if you manage different vendors or clients. It allows you to invoice, keep taps on profits, manage cash flow, and more. You can create customized invoices, control expenses, set securing bills, and keep records of payments which will make tax season much easier. You can also integrate QuickBooks to third-party solutions such as Bill.com, PayPal, and Apple Pay. 

SAP Concur

SAP Concur is the perfect app to keep track of travel expenses as it allows you to approve invoices and requests, review reports, and access the entire itinerary on the go. You can import data directly from credit cards, book cabs and flights from anywhere, and get recommendations for hotels based on the estimated budget. 


Abacus is best for quick approval of expenses so you can get faster reimbursement without the need for sending invoices and waiting for long periods for these to be approved. Using card transactions, receipts, geolocation, past behavior, and CRM fields, the app provides accurate and complete records. After the expense is approved, Abacus send the reimbursement to the employee’s bank account through direct deposit. 


Shoeboxed is a great solution for small businesses that do not need complicated tracking. It allows you to manage and organize all receipts and track mileage with almost no manual data entry – just take a picture and let the app extract the needed information from it. You can get an expense report emailed to you in a second and sort receipts into categories for tax season. Even more, you can export the reports to other software such as Excel, QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, and Outright.