9 Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Invoicing Software

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The time of paper invoices is almost over – or at least, getting there. And why would you complicate your life when day-to-day activities in running a business are stressful enough? With cloud-based invoicing, there is at least one less thing to worry about. But just getting rid of paper invoices is not the only advantage – read on to find 9 good reasons to use cloud-based invoicing software for your business. 

Get paid quicker  

There is nothing worse than having to wait for the money you are bound to receive. And with cloud-based invoicing, getting paid is a lot easier than having to rely on snail mail. By cutting off the installment delays, you have one less reason to worry about your capital issues which can be a major improvement for your organization’s income.  

Save money on invoicing 

Each paper invoice involves side costs such as postage and paper, not to mention having to pay someone to prepare them. This is a large cost that can be cut at least in half if not more when you start using cloud-based invoicing.  

Automate the invoicing process 

In case you are issuing a lot of repeating invoices or you offer a monthly subscription, you can benefit a lot from embracing a cloud-based invoicing for your business. Instead of having to issue an invoice every month, the charge is directly pulled from your customer’s card or account. It will save you time and you can also benefit from the option to send late-installment updates. 

Offer a safe and secure service

Security is a top priority for you as a business owner that needs to protect your customer data and information. With cloud-based invoicing software, you do not need to worry about security as every legitimate cloud-based invoicing software must hold up to PCI Security Standards. 

Security ought to be a top need for you and your customers. Fortunately, cloud-based invoicing can comfort everybody’s psyches. 

Fewer mistakes  

Paper invoices come with the general possibility to make more mistakes as there can be numerous people involved in the process, there could be miscalculation or simply be sent to the wrong person. Cloud-based invoicing reduces the chance for mistakes, which can lead to fewer installment delays, blunders, and debates. This will not only save you money but also improve the relationship with your customers and build trust in your organization.   

Upgrade brand personality and customer connection

Cloud-based invoicing software allows you to customize the invoices and add your logo, brand colors, and fonts, and everything else that represents our brand. You can also include personalized messages to your customers – even just a simple “thank you for your business” might lead to a better connection to your clients. 

It is all in the cloud

All the data about your customers and clients is stored in the cloud so you do not have to input the information every time you have to prepare an invoice. And you have total availability from wherever you are – access all the information and records from your tablet, phone, or computer in the office, at home or on the go. You can also share access to your co-workers or bookkeeper and allow them to review and audit the records. 

It’s better for the Earth

Cloud-based invoicing is so much better for the environment compared to paper invoicing. Just think about all the water, trees, and contamination you save. By making the change to cloud-based invoicing you will both benefit the Earth and your business by saving time, effort, and resources.