6 Ways CRM Will Improve Customer Relationships

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No business can exist without its customers. And it is difficult enough to find new customers, but to retain them is another challenge. The most important factor for higher customer engagement and retainment is to establish and maintain a strong relationship. 

CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management, will help you optimize and streamline communication with your customer, thus allowing you to know them better and build a stronger relationship. 

Here are six ways CRM will help you improve customer relationships, build customer loyalty, and grow your business. 

Know your customers better 

A CRM system provides all the information about a customer in one convenient place – you can have their full name and address, phone number and social media accounts, their job position, their connection to other contacts in your database, their birthday. With so much information it is very easy to personalize your communication. 

More importantly, CRM allows you to save all history with the customer, so you always have access to previous orders, email exchanges, live chat messages, invoices, and so on. 

Segment your customers more effectively 

Segmentation is key because it allows you to target your customers and prospects more effectively. With the help of CRM, you can break down the data and make lists by different categories and criteria. 

Use these segmented audiences for specific customer marketing campaigns, and to analyze your sales process. 

Maximize customer retention

CRM is a great way to keep your customers satisfied as it offers plenty of features and benefits for customer retention. For example, it will remind you if you have to send a follow-up email, or if you haven’t contacted a group of customers in a while which might make them feel neglected. 

With the help of a CRM system, you can prepare specific marketing activities targeted at your existing customers to exceed their satisfaction – offer free trials, aks for their opinion in surveys, personalize emails, or offer special features available just for them. 

Anticipate your customer needs better 

It is a lot easier to upsell or cross-sell a customer when you are familiar with their buying habits. And with the help of CRM, you have the entire customer journey at your fingertips. 

Knowing a customer’s history – what and when they buy, how much they spend – will help you anticipate their need and come up with a personalized offer they can not resist. 

Speed up the communication 

A customer that is having a problem or is not satisfied with an order does not like waiting. The messages have to be answered quickly and CRM will provide you with ready to use templates you can use and customize. 

This way you can save time, offer more professional service, customize communication, and provide quick replies and solutions to your customers. 

Protect data privacy better

To comply with the EU regulations about data privacy requirements (GDPR), the CRM software you use must have in-built GDPR functionality. The system will receive and document your customers’ permissions to use and store their personal information, and send automatic notifications to all your new contacts that you do that. 

Using a CRM software will ensure that all customer data and communication is handled in a quick, reliable, and safe manner in compliance with GDPR requirements.