6 Good Reasons to Ditch Paper Appraisals and Move to a Digital System

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Managing your employees’ performance is important but it should be done in the most effective way. If you want to assure the success of your business – and of course you do – forget about the outdated paper appraisals and consider moving to a digital system. 

Read on to find out how exactly the transition from paper to digital performance management system will help you and your business.  

Capture and store details more effectively 

Paper is not the most effective way to capture the whole discussion accurately. There might be missing feedback, unclear targets, or lack of evidence. All this can be avoided with a digital system that records everything immediately so all agreed actions are there and ready to implement. 

Have confidence in executing and implementation 

A digital system will help you not only record everything that was agreed on but also set reminders to ensure that all feedback was implemented. It will allow you to monitor the process closely and frequently and make sure that all the commitments are met. 

And when you have full visibility on all strengths and weaknesses of your employees you can tackle each one of them in the best way possible to ensure your team performance is highly functional. 

Maintain a better working environment

Using a digital performance management system will make it easier to compare all the feedback you receive from your employees. This way you can analyze deeper and find out if there are any bigger issues you can deal with in order to make the working environment better and more productive. 

Also, a digital system will give you full transparency over everything that was discussed so you can build a solid relationship with your team. 

Save time and offer more frequent assessment

Because a digital system is not as time-consuming as a paper one, you don’t need to do an appraisal just once a year. The line manager can use it for filing shorter progress reports more frequently and assess the employees’ progress much better. 

As all the information on an employee is readily available and easy to access and analyze, managers can save a huge amount of time yearly from prepping for the next appraisal. 

Deal better with difficult feedback 

With a digital performance system, you can build up a bank of information on employee behavior easily by recording all feedback, performance, progress, or errors. So when it is time to deliver the feedback, especially if it is on the negative side, you can present a well-structured and detailed case with plenty of evidence to support the issues. 

Optimize the performance of your team

Knowing that all performance is being tracked will ensure that your team’s doing their best to do their job more efficiently. As a result, not only will you optimize your team’s performance but also build a more engaged workforce.  

Overall, by choosing a digital performance management system over a paper one you will be able to assess your employees much more efficiently and work towards building a high performing team – two of the most important forces that drive a business towards success.