9 Reasons Why You Should Use an Invoicing App for Your Business

Photo by Serpstat from Pexels

Forget about handwriting and printed records – sooner rather than later they’ll truly belong to the past. And it’s about time you and your business embrace the future. As with anything else, technologies are here to make our life and working process easier and hassle-free. Such is the case with using a cloud-based invoicing software – it can help your business in numerous ways. 

Here are the main reasons why you should consider implementing and start using cloud-based invoicing software.  

Get Paid Quicker 

Cloud-based online invoicing allows you to get paid much quicker. Since you don’t have to print and send invoices, the process becomes much faster, instant even. And that can help your income – as payment delays can be a significant factor for your business capital. 

Save money 

Electronic invoices are cheaper than paper ones, and you don’t need to pay for paper and postage. It’s estimated that you can save up to 80% if you start using cloud-based invoicing software.  

Automate the process

If your business is membership-based or you have recurring invoices, you can automate the process and save even more time and effort. Instead of sending an invoice every month, the money can be deducted automatically from the client’s card or account.  

Offer more security 

By using a cloud-based invoicing software both you and your clients can rest assured in terms of security. Every authorized internet invoicing system holds up to the highest security standards and protocols. 

Minimalize mistakes  

To make mistakes is human, no matter how careful you are. And in terms of invoicing that might mean that you’ve put the numbers wrong, or maybe sent to the wrong person. Whatever the case may be, it can lead to delays, loss of income, and eventually even harm your business reputation. Online invoicing reduces greatly the risk of mistakes and gives you at least one less thing to worry about in running your business. 

Improve your brand 

Brand personality is important and can lead to improved relationships with your clients. You can personalize your online invoices to include your logo and brand style and include different messages for your customers to make them feel special and appreciated. A personal touch is always well-perceived and can be key in an ongoing business relationship.   

Customize even further

You can integrate the cloud-based invoice software with other programs to make your whole process more simplified and efficient, choose your preferred language or cash, add different elements to the invoicing templates that best fit your brand image. 

It’s all there in the cloud

Using a cloud-based invoicing means all your invoices are easily accessible. No matter where you are – at your office, at home or on the road, you always have your documents on your phone, tablet or computer. You can also share access to a coworker or your bookkeeper so they can easily audit records electronically.  

And it’s better for the environment 

Online invoicing is so much better for the Earth compared to conventional invoicing. Think of all the resources it saves – paper, ink, transport. Lower your carbon footprint by transitioning to cloud-based invoicing software – it saves you time, money, effort, and it’s better for the environment.