Using Customer Relationship Management Software to Drive Employee Productivity


CRM platforms have a wide range of functions that will increase employee efficiency effortlessly while customers experience high quality care.

No matter how organised a business owner is, there is an endless quantity of numbers and information about transaction, sales and staff. Directors and managers must be on top of this information or else the productivity of employees will slow down to almost nothing. CMR software is a reliable way for businesses to make their daily running  more efficient. This allows employees to focus on customer care so that productivity grows.

Improving employee productivity is an on-going task that every company takes part in and one way companies are doing this is by using CRM technology. Those using CRM receive an average of almost $9.00 per $1 spent. The benefits of CRM include; efficient processes, reducing the need for additional staff and a focused work flow of activities. Another advantage is how the technology can deliver customer information to sales and customer service departments. Let’s take a look how!

Integrated Client Profile

By using a CRM system, a client’s information is on hand to everyone who deals with that client, not excluding previous communications between the business and the client. There is no need to go through email history or contact other departments regarding the client. Absolutely every detail and transaction is available on one screen for any staff member. Access to the information can be from a desktop computer or even a mobile. It is easy, reduces errors with client care and services provided.

Email and Phone Integration

CRM platforms enable the maintenance of email and phone systems. Having all systems functioning together allows the information to be constantly up to date. If staff is not spending time on data entry (tracking calls and emails) they can be focusing on customer care.

Large Scale Communication

When you need to send a group mail or message to various clients, you can use CRM in a lot less time than traditional methods. Messages can be personalized and sent to selected or entire client lists. The statistics you get from your group messages can reviewed, so that staff members can continue adapting communication to maximise its effectiveness. All communications with clients are automatically logged with individual profiles so anyone can access it when needed.

Integrated Knowledgebase

When any employee can assess information about product information, availability and client accounts there are a lot less errors in communication.  If the same information is shared you don’t need to rely on specialists to give you product details. Customers are served quickly and efficiently.


All of your business statistics can be produced in forms that are straightforward to understand, for example in charts or graphs. Management can see the profit margins on a product or the productivity of a certain employee at any time of the day from anywhere! When managers can see this information quickly and in an easy format, they can make wiser business decisions.

Task Management

Rather than having to hold regular meetings to discuss the roles and responsibilities of team members, you can use CRM. Task management is a key feature in all CRM platforms. This is also really useful for those who don’t work in a set location.

Calendars and Reminders

Gone are the days of post-it notes! Everyone sharing the same calendar will mean clients are never double booked or meetings are missed. Whole teams can be reminded of deadlines and the levels of organisation in a business are generally raised.

Mobile Access

One of the biggest advantages of CRM is that all the information is stored in real time. For those who travel or work irregular hours, the information can be accessed through your mobile at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Infrastructure

Using a cloud-based CRM reduces the costs of software and hardware needed for a business and are known to be more reliable. While less software and hardware is needed, it should also reduce the need for additional employees. Having the ability to access a CRM system will increase productivity and efficiency.

Managing your business with CRM allows you and all your staff to be on the same page, sharing correct, up to date information. It provides you will a professional image when your client contacts you and you are able to respond in minutes, regardless of their type of request. CRM means your day-to-day management is taken care of allowing your focus to be directed towards the clients care and increasing your productivity.