Power Results-Driven Strategies with Marketing Campaign Optimization

marketing campaign

The stark reality is that a lot of marketers find it hard to implement the best marketing campaign optimization practices; even though they are well aware that campaign optimization is very essential in translating their strategy into an effective marketing tool.

It is possible that despite the best of your efforts, something still feels off about your marketing strategy – you have the feeling that the strategy looks good and great, but still harbor doubts about its feasibility. This can be the case when such a strategy is based on sheer speculations and assumptions, without due recourse to actual facts. When this happens, the result of the marketing campaign is usually poor and could cause the company to lose a lot of money.

However, good leaders and businesses make periodic review and upgrade of their marketing campaign so as to ensure that their resources are judiciously spent. This is the ideal thing to do, and it is also recommended that you follow it, too. But then, you have to first plan your campaign so as to get the parameters.

What’s the Best Way to Track Marketing Campaign?

It is just plainly inexcusable for you not to track your marketing campaign in this current digital world. A lot of the marketing campaign parameters such as web traffic, measurement metric, etc. serve as extremely useful marketing indicators. We will talk more about this.

UTM Parameters and Google Analytics

UTM parameters are added to a URL, tracked by Google Analytics when the URL is clicked. They are used to gauge how effective your campaigns are. However, they indicate the channels which support the most traffic. UTM parameters are easy to use and integrate with numerous analytics tools, therefore they serve as an indispensable part of a social media marketing campaign. It is also easy to create.

Finding the Right Marketing Campaign Analytics tools

Numerous marketing campaign analytics tools abound in the market and most of them are good. However, 24Stack’s can help you create, track and optimize your company’s marketing activity.

Omni-channel Campaigns

This type of marketing campaign aims to provide a smooth customer experience across a wide range of platforms. It is imperative that you monitor your data very well because a particular prospect can make use of more than one channel before eventually making the sale. You can do this by making use of a multi-touch attribution model, a type of model which allows one to use the most effective blend of marketing elements.

Marketing Campaign Optimization Best Practices

Since you are now aware that it is very important to optimize your marketing campaign, it is also necessary to know the practices that will yield the desired results.

Put Strategy First – Work out your marketing strategy first, and then work out the perfect combination of channels to use. Your strategy might imply that you make use of some channels more than the others.

Incorporate Metrics from Start – You must know the metrics and means with which to measure your campaign right from its outset. Set up your parameters and test-run the tools you will be using to analyze them.

Harness the Combined Power of Different Platforms – Employ an omnichannel strategy which will utilize the strengths of different media channels to achieve your campaign aims.