7 Industries That Could Benefit from the eSignature Technology


Organizations are always seeking to find out means of cutting down costs, enhance efficiency and improve workflow processes. eSignature provides a cost-effective and better option than conventional paper-based signatures.

In this article, we highlight a number of industries that will gain a lot by using 24Stack’s signing app.


The health sector has a lot of privacy, accurate and secure documentation guidelines to contend with. Electronic signatures that comply with federal regulations can help to enhance adherence to the guidelines. After all, proper documentation of sensitive health record of patients, important details of health workers, as well as all other parties connected to the health institution is very germane to the successful management of such institution.

Financial Services and Insurance

Companies dealing with finance and insurance need to use a signature at almost every aspect of their operations. Using 24Stack’s signing app would save a lot of paper waste and also improve efficiency; In addition, the security features which come with this signing app are essential in providing accurate information about the transaction.

Legal Services

The legal profession by its nature requires a lot of paperwork and numerous documents to be authenticated. A centralized e-signature system will enable the users to get access to updated files as and at when due.

Real Estate

Dealers in real estate need to go through a lot of paperwork. The fierce competition in that industry means that they have to be very fast in order not to lose the deal to another firm. The conventional method of authenticating documents requires the physical presence of all authorizing parties and oftentimes real estate agents are left with no other choice than to embark on long journeys or arrange inconvenient meetings.

The advent of electronic signatures has eradicated all the stress by making it possible for clients to sign and forward the documents from the comfort of their homes. Also, a lot of time is saved which can be used to do more productive activities.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

In these industries, projects are executed based on schedule and a little delay can be critical. But then, another problem is the bulky documents, totaling more than hundreds of pages, would take a very long time to prepare and send. With a lot of other engineers to co-opt, as well as contractors, construction teams and other professionals involved, the job could be tedious. 24Stack has made communication and authorization of documents easy by drastically reducing the time it would have otherwise taken.


People have always complained about the delay in government processes. 24Stack is a secure signing app that will enable workers to receive approval quickly, which will, in turn, enhance the speed of government operations.

IT and Cybersecurity

24Stack’s signing app is a way by which IT firms can provide digital security with a high level of efficiency. It will also save the clients a lot of money which will be spent on faxes, mails and arranging face-to-face meetings that would be necessary to authorize paper-based documents.