Advantages of using Mobile Invoicing

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Carrying around a heavy briefcase full of agendas, calculator, stapler and documents have become a thing of the past thanks to modern technology. Developments in recent years have made it possible for any business person to handle work with a simple device.

One great function of your smartphone or tablet is invoicing. This allows any business to create and deliver invoices straight to clients who can immediately make a payment. And to further facilitate things, we now have the support of mobile apps to do just that. These apps are life saviors that bundle up your records with all the details attached – date, number, status and so on. Let’s break down some of the benefits of invoicing apps.

Time saver

If there is any other resource more valuable than time than we haven’t found it yet. Mobile apps that handle invoicing give you the liberty to work from anywhere with no need for a computer. You could be having lunch or shopping and still send out an invoice to a client. In turn, the client can issue payment at any time without having to remember to do so until they reach the office computer.

Budget cutter

Aside from better managing your time, you also cut down on the costs of traditional invoices. Not to mention that it is also environmentally friendly. The paper, ink, and electricity wasted on loads of documents printing and mailing are way more costly than the electronic counterpart.

Surveys show that the digital version of invoicing cuts up to 80% of the costs associated with physically mailing documents.

Improved relationships with your clients

Clients can check their status in real-time making the process more transparent. This decreases the number of actions that any of you has to take in order to settle things up.

Bills are streamlined and centralized allowing both the supplier and the vendor to access updated information on contracts, payments, and receipts. This eliminates doubts and increases trust.

All data in one place

An essential trait of mobile invoicing is the fact that all your data and client information can be stored together and used accordingly. The system is safely registering electronic information like payments and issued invoices making the process comfortable and easy.

Remember when you were searching through piles of paper for one specific receipt or a copy of a document? That is now way in the past.

Protection on data is covered by the mobile app provider. For example, Viewpost guarantees the same effective protection as grand financial institutions. All the while decreasing costs, risks, and headaches.

Technology is truly empowering for modern businesses. It delivers high efficiency, cuts down on time investment and saves the environment from uncalled waste. And the time you gain can be put to better use in other areas of work that can boost your business.

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